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Are Charlotte Church’s Tits Getting Bigger?

Monday, April 26th, 2010

Here’s a piece of good new to make our day even brighter.  It looks like Charlotte Church has gotten herself some breast implants!  Now after a career filled with controversy, that’s a piece of information we can definitely enjoy!  Now much has been said about Charlotte’s weight gain, but what people don’t understand is that she’s a mother now, and it’s only natural that she should gain some weight after giving birth to two children.  I mean not everyone can be Victoria Beckham, with three children and an emaciated figure.  Now I definitely prefer Charlotte Chruch‘s more real figure, especially when paired with her ample chest!   Here in this pic we see Charlotte displaying her newly minted chest cannons for everyone to enjoy.  Why she even chose to do so I don’t understand, maybe she wants to thank her fans for all the support that they showed her, but I’m really happy that she did!

So if you’re a fan of Charlotte Church’s new cleavage, the you ought to check out even more dirty pics of this busty slut and her fresh, new boobies here on this site.  They’ve got lots of Charlotte Church nude pics from the start of her career until today, and you can enjoy them all to the fullest!

Charlotte Church Gets Nude For The Cameras

Monday, August 4th, 2008

So you thought that putting out a pop album and turning her back on the squeaky clean classical crossover genre was the most scandalous thing Charlotte Church has done?  Maybe you were hoping that smoking in public and running away with her boyfriend at the age of 16 was the limit of the naughty things she was up to?  Well, if you’re hoping all of that was just a temporary rebellious phase she was going through, then you’d better brace yourselves, because Charlotte has just gone and done something that would make every matron who has her first album blush and feel faint.

And the evidence of her further break from her staid and boring past is right here, explicitly displayed for everyone to see.  We’re talking about her lush, naked body!  If you’re a Charlotte Church fan who’s been following her up until her latest album, where she’s gone pop, then you aren’t the least bit surprised that Charlotte’s got such a sexy, curvy body.  In her “Crazy Chick” video she sways that luscious ass like an experienced stripper, and now we see why.  Charlotte Church just loves tapping into her wild side and showing off her tits and even her smooth pussy!

Who would have thought that the girl who sang all those religious arias could be so sizzling hot in real life?  Probably not her handlers, I’m sure of that.  Well, all true fans of this babe are glad she’s finally showing her real side, which is why checking out this hot site full of raunchy Charlotte Church material is something you ought to do to.  That is, if you aren’t one of her middle-aged admirers who wish she had never grown up and stayed a child forever.

Topless Charlotte Church Spotted

Monday, August 4th, 2008

She’s not a little girl anymore, which may surprise some people who’ve failed to notice that Charlotte Church has grown up into a sexy young lady.  She’s even got a second child on the way, and a husband who plays professional rugby.  And here they are on a lovely vacation somewhere.  So why should we care that Charlotte is enjoying her free time in a tropical paradise with her hubby?  Because she’s in a bikini and was careless enough to take her top off, thus exposing her boobies, that’s why!  We see a bigger, brighter future for her, if she ever decided to make breast baring a part of her career path, don’t you?

If you want to see more of Charlotte Church nude and displaying her luscious jubbies for all to enjoy, then check out that link and click on it now!